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 Registration Link :        


After your        paper has been accpted, please pay for the registration fee and go to        IEEE CPS website to submit your        final paper and copyright .



Welcome to DCABES 2015 International        Symposium (August 18~19, 2015) held in Guiyang and Wuxi by Jiangnan        University and Guizhou University of Finance and Economics.

Please register before        25th June, 2015 to get a discount for the registration fees and before        30th June, 2015 to ensure that your paper will be included in this        conference Proceedings.

Please submit your paper        in MS Word and the corresponding PDF format. Please        limit the paper size to 4 pages, since one extra page will cost you        extra 100 UDS per page and up to 2 extra pages allowed.

For registration of        DCABES 2015, attendees need do only three things, two mandatory and one        optional.

Pay registration fee to        the conference specified bank account before the registration deadline        (mandatory).

Below there are        registration fees and account information.

Registration fee:


1. For people outside the        mainland of China : 450 USD (regist before 25th June, 2015); 550 USD (regist between 26th        June and 30th June, 2015)


2. For Full time post        graduate student: 420 USD(regist 25th June, 2015); 550 USD(regist        between 26th June and 30th June, 2015)


3. For Full time        undergraduate student: 370 USD (regist before 25th June, 2015); 550 USD        (regist between 26th June and 30th June, 2015)


4. For attendee without        paper publication: 200 USD


The registration fee        includes a CD of DCABES 2015 Proceedings.


Students must submit a        proof of full time student status to get a discount. Please scan the        student card and send the photo to DCABES 2015 organizers by email.



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