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The 14th International Symposium on Distributed        Computing and Applications for Business Engineering and Science






Call For Paper






The 14th        International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications to Business,        Engineering and Sciences (DCABES2015) will be held in Guiyang         and Wuxi by Jiangnan University and Guizhou University of Finance and Economics , China , August 18th~19th, 2015. As in previous conferences, DCABES intends to        bring together researchers and developers in the academic field and        industry from around the world to share their research experiences and        to explore research collaborations in the areas of distributed parallel        processing and applications.

Proceedings of        the DCABES has been published and indexed by the EI/CPCI (ISTP). From        DCABES 2010, Proceedings of the DCABES has been published by the        Conference Publishing Services (CPS), and be sent to the EI/CPCI (ISTP)        for indexing by CPS. The proceeding of DCABES2015 will be published by CPS in two months        after the conference. In addition, selected papers will be published in        special issues of international journals.

Series        conferences of the DCABES have gained good reputation in distributed        computing area for comprehensively presenting the state-of-the-art        research results. You are warmly invited to submit an extended        abstract/full paper, and/or a proposal to organize a technical session.        All accepted abstracts should be extended by the authors to a full        paper (4 pages or less, Up to 2 extra pages        may be purchased at $100 (US dollars) per extra page), which        will be published by the CPS as a CD of proceedings with ISBN (for green        earth consideration) to be distributed at the conference. Part of        select papers of the DCABES 2015 proceedings will be recommended to the        Journal of Algorithms and Computational Technology (JACT, EI indexed)        soon after the Symposium. Please submit your paper in MS Word and the        corresponding PDF format. Please limit the paper size to 4 pages, since        one extra page will cost you extra 100 USD per page.


We welcome        submissions on all facets of distributed parallel processing and        applications. Topics include, but not limited to the following:

       A.Parallel/Distributed Application

1.Computational          methods in science and engineering

6.Distributed          agents

2.computational          finance.

7.Distributed          multimedia.

3.E-engineering          and e-science application.

8.Distributed          database.

4.E-commerce          application.

9.Distributed          information system

5.E-education          application


       B. Distributed/Parallel        Algorithm


1.Numerical          parallel algorithms.

5.Distributed/parallel          algorithms in image and vision processing.

2.          Non numerical parallel algorithms.

6.Geometric          modelling and fractals.

3.          Algorithms exploiting distributed computing environment.

7.Compression          and decompression for multimedia applications.

4.          Performance assessment with computation/communication complex          analysis.


       C. Grid        computing and Cloud computing  


1.Infrastructure          of Grid Computing

5.          New technologies and developments in computer networking

2.          Grid computing platforms and tools.

6.Cluster          computing

3.          Grid Software and Middleware.

7.Cloud          computing

4.          Grid computing applications.

8.Data          mining and Knowledge Discovery

       D. E-Business 


1.E-Business          and Mobile Business

5.          Logistics and Supply Chain Management

2.          Data Mining and Database Technology

6.E-Banking          and Security

3.          Business Forecast Theory and Decision Making

7.E-Business          System Design and Application

4.Management          Stratagem and Models


       E. Software        tools and environments for distributed or parallel platform


1.          Use of MPI, PVM, Java Platforms for web-based simulation and          computing.

4.          Web browser and search engine design

2.          Tools and platforms for E-education.

5.          Mobile agents and computing

3.          Tools and platforms for E-business.




       G. Technology        of Computer Application


1.          Intelligent control system

4.          Optimun control

2.          System modeling and simulations

5.          System recognitions

3.          Pattern recognition

6.          Real-time embedded system

       H.Image processing


1.          Visualization algorithms

5.          Image fusion

2.          Visualization of virtual objects

6.          Image formation

3.          Image synthesis techniques

7.          Image compression

4.          Image segmentation

8.          Physical, biological and statistical modelling

       C. Network        Information Security 



5.          Intrusion Detection.

2.Firewall          Technology.

6.Computer          Virus Prevention Technology.

3.          Web Security.

7.Web          resources management and system design for e-science and          e-engineering

4.          Network authentication technology

8.Web          performance analysis for business, engineering and science

       I.         Numerical methods for PDEs


1.          Distributed algorithms for PDEs

4.          Business and financial applications

2.          Large scale computations

5.          Parallel time domain methods

3.          Industrial applications

6.          Parallel methods for integral equations

       F. Technical        Session:


1.          Swarm Intelligence and Applications

4.          Big data and cloud compuing

2.          Internet of Things and Applications

5.          Big data analysis and decision support system

3.          Image Processing

6.          Management information system and service

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