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The papers in DCABES 2015 proceeding have been included in EI compendex.

The        paper set can be downloaded here:DCABES2015 Proceeding singlefile

The        DCABES is a community working in the area of Distributed Computing and        Applications in Business, Engineering, and Sciences, and is responsible        for organizing meetings and symposia related to the field. (See        previous meetings from the web site DCABES.) DCABES intends to bring        together researchers and developers in the academic field and industry        from around the world to share their research experience and to explore        research collaboration in the areas of distributed parallel processing        and applications.

The        14th International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Applications        to Business, Engineering and Science (DCABES 2015) will be held on        August 18~19, 2015         in Guiyang and Wuxi by Jiangnan University and        Guizhou University of Finance and Economics. All papers accepted by        DCABES Proceedings have been peer reviewed by more than two experts and        carefully modified. Since DCABES 2001, the first DCABES, each DCABES        symposium has invited 4 to 5 world famous professors and experts in        computer science and technology area to give keynote speeches for the        conference. Twelve years passed and dozens VIPs in distributed parallel        processing have attended the DCABES conferences, among them there are        Professor Jifeng HE, a member of Academia Sinica, Professor Albert Y.        Zomaya, the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Computers and        Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Parallel and        Distributed SystemsProfessor C.-H. LAI,        Editor-in-Chief of JACT (Journal of Algorithms and Computational        Technology), Academia Sinica Professor Zhiwei XU, Editor-in-Chief of        Journal of Computer Research and Development, Professor Craig Douglas,        distinguished professor in MGNET, et al.

From        DCABES 2010, Proceedings of the DCABES has been published by the        Conference Publishing Services (CPS), and be sent to the EI and CPCI        (ISTP) for index by the CPS. The proceeding of        DCABES 2015 will be published by CPS in two months after the        conference.

The        EI and CPCI (ISTP) have regularly indexed proceedings of the DCABES.        The EI Compendex indexed JACT international journal will select part of        papers from DCABES 2015 proceedings and ask authors to extend and        modify them as journal papers to be republished in JACT special issues.

The        DCABES 2015 Conference is to be organized by Jiangnan University and Guizhou University of Finance and Economics.



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